© Luc de la Photographie 

SAVAGGIO are Simon and Tom, two good friends.

Like scientists, they experiment with bringing different textures and instruments into clubs and onto dance floors to surprise and excite audiences. Synthesisers, electric bongos, drum machines and violins have all featured at one point or another. But beyond performance, what really brings these two together is a joint exercise in music production. Underpinning the anticipation of every gig is a delight in dropping fresh material, a love of sound that lives inside every beat and note they bring with their live sets.

Just another live instrument-DJ gimmick? What’s so special about Savaggio? They make dance music and accompany it with instruments. No one wants to watch a 2-hour instrumental solo in a club. People go clubbing to dance. Savaggio’s live music element is subtly decorative, not the driving force. It’s on the dancefloor, not behind the scenes. It’s accessible, intimate, raw. Clubbing doesn’t have to be a separation between DJs and crowds. Savaggio holds their audiences close. It makes them a part of the performance.

The constant search for signature sound continues to shape the adventure that endures today. From busking on the streets of Berlin, to playing in bars, to filling clubs, to headlining festivals, to label releases… Savaggio lives on. What does the future hold? Not a clamour for fame, but a hunger to keep probing what makes people get down. To keep asking questions of the norm. To keep practising and perfecting an art that knows no boundaries.