© Luc de la Photographie 

Two brothers. One live.

Welcome to the Savaggio family. We are Rudi and Toni. Brothers without a father since we lost Roberto. We never knew our mother.

In the beginning, we were scientists. We experimented. We brought different sounds and textures to the street, and then we listened to the excitement. Synthesisers, electric bongos, drum machines, violins, effects … we tried and tested them all to perfect our live sets.

We searched for signature sound. We still search for it. It’s part of today’s adventure. We busked on the streets. We played clubs. We played festivals. We released on labels. We made good friends. We made music with them. And sometimes they came to join the party.

Now we know what makes you move, what you’re not expecting. But we need you for that. We want you for that. We will not alienate you when you’re in the club. We hold our audiences close. Whether you like it or not, you’re part of our performance. We provide for each other.

No end in sight yet. We perform solo or duo. Either way, we’ll keep exploring what makes you want to nod your head, tap your foot. We’ll keep asking questions of the norm. We’ll keep practicing and perfecting that child of no boundaries.

Many thanks to the labels that continue to host and support us:

Natura Viva / Univack / Muak / Perchépolis / Black Hills / Amber Recordings / Dilate / With Compliments / Connect

See you front left,

Rudi and Toni